Discover the thinking
behind your thinking

The patented (U.S. Patent US8651871) ThinkX profile, Px-12™ was developed over decades of clinical research and practical application with thousands of individuals and employers.

Unlike any other inventory, the Px-12 accurately measures the underlying subconscious algorithms in our brain – the thinking behind our thinking.

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Patented brain-mapping

Because of this patented brain-mapping science, the Px-12 is a foundational tool that increases the results from other professional training and personality profiles including Strength Finder®, DISC®, Myers-Briggs®, Enneagram and more.

Result-oriented coaching

Fast and sustained, the proven
ThinkX Science is also why our laser-targeted coaching is so incredibly
effective – delivering measurable
long-term improvement, often
in only weeks.

Level-up technology

Originally designed to help improve hiring, teams and overall results, we heard from business leaders that developing their ThinkX drivers benefited them in ALL aspects of life. Today, this performance enhancing tech is available to you!

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ThinkX Technology

ThinkX is a novel technology that maps the thinking patterns in your subconscious that are the root of all thought, actions, reactions, productivity and ultimately, your personal and professional success.