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Leading execs and pro-athletes all employ coaches to stay at the top of their game. Studies show that the ROI on personal coaching is as much as 350%.

With ThinkX, you can gain the benefits of professional coaching at a fraction of the time and cost. Why? Because the insights in your ThinkX report tell you exactly where to target your coaching.

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  • Personal Development
  • Relationships/Communication
  • Personal Success

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ThinkX is a powerful diagnostic tool that maps the thinking patterns in your subconscious at the root of all thought, actions, reactions, productivity and ultimately, your personal and professional success. 

The ThinkX Px-12 Performance Profile is like no other assessment you’ve ever taken. It doesn’t measure style, or strengths or personality type but the thinking behind your thinking.

These factors are grouped into 10 drivers that measure what moves you forward (accelerators) and what holds you back (brakes). 

Like upgrading your operating system, our brains can be rewired (neuroplasticity) as you level up to healthier and more productive thinking patterns that can last a lifetime.

“You nailed me! No other instrument has captured this degree of deep insight about what’s going on behind my thinking.
And trust me...I’ve done them all.”

-Human Resources Executive